How Shepherds Arms makes a difference

    Poverty Facts

  • The Philippines Government considers US$5 per day to be the poverty level in the Philippines *
  • 21% of families earn less than this, and 36% of children (under 18) are in these families *
  • Many of these children suffer in malnourishment, shelter, sanitation, educational opportunities, and ultimately the opportunities to break out of the poverty trap

*Source : Philippine Statistical Authority


Who We Take In
Shepherd Arms takes in children who are orphaned, abandoned or unable to be cared for by their by their parents. They also include children who have been physically abused. Children get assessed by social workers and if they meet the criteria for entry, and funds permit, are accepted into the home.

To get an idea of the life for these children, we invite you to look at these YouTube videos:
  • Click here to see Filipino children driven to the streets by crushing poverty
  • Click here to see Invisible Souls of the Philippines
Once a child is accepted into the Shepherds Arms Children Home, they are provided shelter, food, education (at school), Christian discipleship, and are cared for by our live-in staff.