Shepherds Arms Children’s Home

We exist to provide the disadvantaged children, those who are poor, orphaned, abused and neglected or abandoned, the experience of being loved, nurtured and sense of family as they are encouraged to to become loving, compassionate, generous and God-fearing. Additionally, Shepherds Arms endeavours to provide children with a sense of belonging and encourage them to do what is right, to develop their potentials and to live a life of service and purpose.

Change a Community Program

In January 2017, we established an outreach programme for impoverished families in Panglao, Bohol. Prior to this programme, many children in the community were not able to attend school due to distance and absolute poverty. We have chosen to help families stay together in their own homes so that the children are not sent to orphanages. We provide transportation, school supplies, uniforms, meals during school days. Our outreach coordinator also works with the families to make sure they have basic medical care and other necessities, that they would otherwise do without. Shepherds Arms has also provided each family with seeds so they can start to grow their own vegetables at home, enabling them to improve their own sustainable lifestyle.

Free basic health care services

We host free dental, eye and general health check ups every year or two for the disadvantaged communities around the Children’s Home.